Summary Report: Exploring the Reality of the Jurisdictional Approach as a Tool to Achieve Sustainability Commitments in Palm Oil and Soy Supply Chains

Published: February 16, 2019 by Conservation International (CI)

Sustainable Agriculture, Thriving Forests

Conservation International conducted a series of interviews with private sector, government and civil society stakeholders to test assumptions behind the utility of the jurisdictional approach (JA) as a vehicle to achieve commitments to eliminate deforestation, development on peatlands, or exploitation in palm oil and soy supply chains. This research confirms that the JA has significant and important potential to increase government engagement and leadership of efforts to drive sustainability of agricultural commodity production. This research also highlighted significant challenges that need to be addressed to drive broad transformation of either sector rather than creating small pockets of sustainable production to serve niche markets. These include misalignment of incentives and capacity in commodity producing regions to drive sustainability as well as a need to define greater benefits at the local level for sustainable commodity production. International supply chain actors, governments in producing and consuming countries, donors and civil society must commit to working with sub-national (state, provincial, local) governments and communities in new and transformative ways if we are to address the main drivers of deforestation and conflict in commodity supply chains.

This report serves as an executive summary of Conservation International's research.

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