Smart Moves – Creative Supply Chain Strategies

Published: February 9, 2019 by Environmental Defense Fund (EDF+Business)

Level 2: Execute

Green Freight

By following the examples of leading shippers, we can create a future where freight transport
remains affordable, results in less carbon pollution and minimizes the threat to public health.
Shippers—companies that utilize logistics services to move products but are not primarily in the
freight business—have the most to gain from an increasingly carbon- and cost-efficient freight
system for three reasons:
• Profitability: Shippers can reap the greatest financial rewards from increasing the efficiency of
their logistics operations
• Reputation management: Since these companies interface directly with consumers, they
stand to gain the most from being viewed as good environmental stewards
• Market leverage: Shippers dictate business trends in the goods movement marketplace; if they
demand greater efficiency and better environmental performance, carriers and other logistics
service providers will respond

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