Climate and supply chain: the business case for action

Published: September 10, 2018 by BSR

Green Freight, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Energy, Thriving Forests, Zero Waste

Climate change affects each and every human around the globe, with profound implications for social justice and human rights. Health-related stresses, competition for natural resources, and the impacts on livelihoods, hunger, and migration warrant immediate global action.

This paper explores the nexus of climate change and the supply chain. The purpose of this report is to:

1. Identify the potential impacts that climate change will have on company supply chains, particularly vis-à-vis the focus of supply chain management on cost, speed, quality, and uncertainty.

2. Outline how companies can enhance the resilience of their supply chains and operations, including supplier facilities; local communities; and the procurement of raw materials, components, and other goods and services.

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