Build a business plan 101: understand stakeholder motivation

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Understanding motivation: both a science and an art

Now that you’ve identified your company’s priority drivers, you’ll want to understand which drivers motivate the internal ‘decider’ stakeholders that you identified in Build a sustainability plan 101: identify key stakeholders.

This process is both a science and an art. The goal is to understand what drivers can provide the most quantitative benefit to the environment and company.

TOOL: Assign drivers of change to your key stakeholders

Referring to the list you made earlier, assign your stakeholder drivers that may motivate them.

DivisionStakeholderBusiness Case Gatekeepers (Deciders)Motivating Priority Drivers
Corporate Responsibility TeamDirector
Business TeamMerchants
Research & Development
Human Resources
Consumer insights
Public relations
Corporate affairs
Social media
C-Suite & LeadershipBoard/Owners
Chief Sustainability Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Compliance Officer

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