GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard

Published: March 1, 2004 by Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Level 2: Execute

Green Freight, Project Gigaton, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Energy, Thriving Forests, Zero Waste

The GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard provides requirements and guidance for companies and other organizations preparing a GHG emissions inventory. It was designed with the following objectives in mind:

- To help companies prepare a GHG inventory that represents a true and fair account of their emissions through the use of standardized approaches and principles.
- To simplify and reduce the costs of compiling a GHG inventory.
- To provide business with information that can be used to build an effective strategy to manage and reduce GHG emissions.
- To increase consistency and transparency in GHG accounting and reporting among various companies and GHG programs.

The module builds on the experience and knowledge of over 350 leading experts drawn from businesses, NGOs, governments and accounting associations. It has been road-tested by over 30 companies in nine countries.

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