Build a business plan 101: align business and environmental goals

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The business case for your sustainability plan is a crucial step for creating internal buy-in and unlocking the necessary resources to implement your plan. The business case consists of the following components, each of which we’ll discuss in-depth:

  1. Understand how your sustainability plan and your company align (below!)

  2. Understand potential drivers of change

  3. Identify what motivates your decider stakeholders

  4. Activate your decider stakeholders

  5. Identify the data to be collected

1. Understand how your sustainability plan and your company align.

This is no different from the work you did in Build a sustainability plan 101: set meaningful goals.

Relevant company language and/or strategic goals“Pure” environmental goalSynthesisTimeline
Your company’s values, vision, mission, goals and/or objectivesRefer to your materiality assessmentCombination of your company language and environmental goalBy when?

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