Thriving forests 101: introduction

Getting engaged

Welcome! Deforestation is a pervasive challenge in global supply chains. Complex agricultural supply chains, lack of transparency, and differing political environments in sourcing regions can make deforestation particularly challenging to address. However, zero-deforestation sourcing can also be a critical opportunity for companies aiming to reduce supply risks, mitigate climate impacts on their supply chains, and improve their corporate reputation.

How to use this guide

This how-to guide is intended for you and your company get started or continue tracking and improving business and environmental performance by tackling deforestation in your supply chain. The approach and tools are flexible and captured in two steps:

Get informed

In order to work on mitigating deforestation, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of what the problem is, and what opportunities are available to you. We’ll get you up-to-speed quickly.

Understand the landscape

You’ll also need to have an idea of who the players are: what organizations and initiatives should you know about? We’ll connect you.


We will build on these concepts in a subsequent step, Build a sustainability plan 101, to help you create a holistic deforestation strategy for your organization. But let’s begin here.


Katie Anderson

Manager, EDF+Business

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