Soil Health Partnership

Published: February 1, 2019 by National Corn Growers Association

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Sustainable Agriculture

A farmer-led initiative that fosters transformation in agriculture through improved soil health, benefiting farmer profitability, a stable food supply, and the environment.

Ask anyone in agriculture and they’ll tell you: healthy soils sustain optimal yields. Just as important, if less apparent, is the crucial role soil health can play in protecting water quality and other aspects of good environmental stewardship.

While agriculture has seen massive leaps in technological innovation, we haven’t seen a concentrated effort to aggregate and measure the beneficial effects of long-term innovative soil management strategies. Until now.

At least a ten-year scientific program administered by the National Corn Growers Association, SHP brings together diverse partners to work towards common goals.

With more than 100 working farms enrolled in 12 states, the SHP tests, measures and advances progressive farm management practices that will enhance sustainability and farm economics for generations to come.

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