Green freight 101: understand the landscape

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There are many stakeholders — both inside and outside of your company — that you may need or want to engage.

Understanding the external landscape

The list below is by no means comprehensive, but gives a few external organizations to start with for a flavor of the work that is going on in the green freight space. For a company just starting out, these resources could be a good way to get help, get educated and get connected with experts in this field.

CTL is engaged in cutting-edge research on sustainable supply chains through its multi-disciplinary approach, strong international collaborations and innovative, disruptive methods and technologies. From mines to farms to cities and everything in between, our sustainability research covers a broad range of topics and sectors, all aimed at creating more transparent, efficient and fair supply chains.

The Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) is a group of companies, industry associations and programs that want to make carbon accounting work for industry; it is backed by leading experts, governments and other stakeholders.

Smart Freight Centre (SFC) was established as a global nonprofit organization in 2013. Their vision is “Smart Freight” — a transformation to an efficient and environmentally sustainable global logistics sector.

EDF Supply Chain Solutions Center
EDF Supply Chain Solutions Center

Understand the internal landscape

In your quest to optimize your freight transport, you’ll need to engage with many stakeholders inside your organization.

Managers from sales, purchasing, product development, sustainability, marketing and other disciplines are all internal stakeholders, and have valuable perspectives that can contribute to the project’s success. In part 2 of this series, “Building a sustainability plan 101,” we’ll lead you through the process of doing a detailed assessment of these stakeholders.



In this document, we’ve provided a very high-level overview of some of the critical information, resources and partners that a company may need to get started in its green freight journey. However, this is just the beginning — the Supply Chain Solutions Center site aims to be a comprehensive resource hub to help you all along the way. Click here to continue learning.


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