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​Job One for Saudis’ New Energy Chief: Picking Up the Pieces

Published: September 18, 2019

Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman was named energy minister less than a week before an aerial attack crippled Saudi Arabia’s oil production. Read More. 

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SOLID WASTE: Corporations call for international plastic waste rules

A coalition of businesses have signed a manifesto calling on the United Nations to develop an international treaty on plastic pollution rules. Read More

October 14, 2020

Are lawyers and accountants doing enough on climate change?

Are lawyers and accountants doing enough on climate change? Joel Makower Tue, 10/13/2020 – 01:40 When it comes to the climate crisis, it’s not just what you make and sell, it’s what you do, and for whom you do it. That’s the message from several recent reports focusing on the role of service-sector companies in […]

October 13, 2020

PEOPLE: Star WOTUS, clean air lawyer jumps to solar developer

An environmental attorney known for notching legal wins against the Trump administration’s Waters of the U.S., or WOTUS, rule, has left the Southern Environmental Law Center to join a renewables developer. Read More

October 12, 2020

Mars claims palm oil is ‘deforestation-free’ after ditching hundreds of suppliers

Mars claims palm oil is ‘deforestation-free’ after ditching hundreds of suppliers Cecilia Keating Wed, 10/07/2020 – 00:15 U.S. confectionary, food and pet care giant Mars claims to have eliminated deforestation from its palm oil supply chain after shrinking the number of mills it works with from 1,500 to a few hundred, it announced this week. […]

October 7, 2020

Adidas coaches its suppliers in the sustainability marathon

The sportswear brand applies the 80/20 rule to reducing emissions with a focus on strategic tier 1 and 2 suppliers, and a recognition that not every tactic works for every vendor. Read More

October 5, 2020

POLITICS: Green groups get behind House clean energy package

Major environmental groups this morning endorsed the House Democrats’ clean energy and workforce development legislative package that is pending a floor vote. Read More

September 24, 2020

Morgan Stanley’s role in addressing the plastic waste problem

Morgan Stanley’s role in addressing the plastic waste problem When Morgan Stanley decided to launch its Plastic Waste Resolution in April 2019, it had realized that plastic waste was a business issue. That was after looking at its global client base, which includes companies across industries from chemicals to consumer packaging, as well as individuals […]

September 23, 2020

FINANCE: N.Y. wants insurers to account for climate change

New York’s Department of Financial Services is pushing insurance companies to account for climate change risk in their business strategies, a potential step toward more widespread U.S. regulation of climate financial risks. Read More

September 22, 2020

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