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​Job One for Saudis’ New Energy Chief: Picking Up the Pieces

Published: September 18, 2019

Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman was named energy minister less than a week before an aerial attack crippled Saudi Arabia’s oil production. Read More. 

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PESTICIDES: EPA revises reviews of chemicals that affect species

EPA today announced long-awaited and much-discussed revisions to conducting biological evaluations of pesticides under the Endangered Species Act. Read More

March 13, 2020

How companies led the way on clean energy in Virginia

Virginia just passed a landmark clean-economy bill, with the help of some influential firms. Read More

March 12, 2020

FISHERIES: Gulf of Alaska cod losing sustainability certification label

Shoppers will no longer see a blue-sticker label on Gulf of Alaska cod after its sustainability certification is suspended starting in April. Read More

March 9, 2020

Pressure is on for companies to rapidly address climate change

Experts around the world agree that there will be financial repercussions for companies that don’t adequately address climate change, according to a new global study. Read More

March 9, 2020

Episode 210: Ford’s systemic sustainability, Project Drawdown’s climate solutions update

Plus, what do consumers think of the circular economy? ING executive Anne van Riel offers some perspective. Read More

March 6, 2020

NRG’s CEO talks sustainability to investors

“Our sustainability philosophy is guided by three core principles: accountability, transparency and engagement.” Read More

March 5, 2020

Global soy trade drives Amazon deforestation amid human rights concerns

Fast food giants wind up using much of the soy exported from central Brazil. Read More

March 5, 2020

NEW MEXICO: Governor signs solar energy, grid update bills

New Mexico will reinstate a tax credit for households and businesses that adopt solar energy systems and take new steps to modernize the electric grid and export more renewable energy under bills signed yesterday by the governor. Read More

March 5, 2020

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