EDF Model Corporate Chemicals Policies

Making chemical policy-setting easier

When it comes to safer chemicals in the marketplace, EDF’s Five Pillars of Leadership offers a guiding framework for industry. But we are often asked how a retailer, grocer or brand can put those into action effectively. The most effective tool in jump-starting and sustaining leadership is a written corporate chemicals policy. A chemicals policy institutionalizes your commitment to lead on safer chemicals and articulates to all levels of the business, as well as to your suppliers, what the company wants to achieve. At a minimum, your chemicals policy should outline your aspirations for:

  • Improving Supply Chain Transparency,
  • Cultivating Informed Consumers,
  • Embedding Safer Product Design, and
  • Showing Public Commitment.

What does that look like? If you are a retailer or grocer, EDF created templates that you can use when designing your own chemicals policy. Our templates provide the text you need as well as tips and resources for starting your journey.

If you are a brand, we recommend BizNGO’s Model Chemicals Policy for Brands and Manufacturers. In line with EDF’s model policies, this template can help a product manufacturer in any sector develop a strong chemicals policy.

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