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The first step in identifying the best and most cost-effective opportunities to save money and reduce energy-related GHG emissions is to gain and maintain a very detailed understanding of your company’s energy demand and energy supply.

Energy demand

How much energy do I use? When do I use it?

Conducting regular energy assessments (at your industrial facilities) and energy audits (at your buildings) will help you identify the difference between your current energy consumption and your actual energy needs, highlighting opportunities for you to use less energy and therefore save money and reduce GHG emissions.

In addition to energy assessments and audits, instituting operational controls (e.g., procedures and work instructions, physical controls such as meters and other hardware and software, use of licensed or other qualified personnel, or combinations of these) will give you the real-time information and data you need to make sure energy-saving opportunities are being realized at your company day-in and day-out.

EDF Supply Chain Solutions Center
EDF Supply Chain Solutions Center

Energy supply

How much and what type of energy do I buy? How do I buy it?

There are various energy supply options that can maximize business benefits while also reducing GHG emissions. Evaluating the opportunities that clean, renewable energy can provide your organization involves identifying the clean energy procurement options available in the energy markets in which your organization operates and surveying the on-site renewable energy generation options for each of your facilities. Most importantly, of course, cost-effective renewable energy procurement requires a detailed understanding of your energy demand at the company and facility level so that you can right-size your energy procurement.

Combining the results of your assessment of energy demand and energy supply opportunities, you have the information you need to start an integrated dialogue with the key internal stakeholders leading and influencing your company’s energy demand and energy supply strategies so that you can set meaningful sustainable energy goals.

Find the right tool for your needs

There are many tools that can help with the process of measuring your company’s energy use.

  • Energy assessments (for manufacturing facilities)

Self-Assessment Workbook for Small Manufacturers from DOE’s Industrial Assessment Center.

  • Energy audits (for buildings)

A Guide to Energy Audits from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

  • Energy review tools and guidance

50001 Ready Navigator from DOE.

Energy Footprint Tool from DOE.

Guide to Purchasing Green Power from EPA.

EDF Supply Chain Solutions Center

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