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California regulators are voting on solar mandates for new buildings.

Published: August 11, 2021

The state‚Äôs Energy Commission is considering a requirement for commercial and high-rise multifamily projects to have solar power and battery storage. Read More. 

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FEDERAL AGENCIES: GAO slams Trump admin on climate preparedness, chemicals

The federal government has fallen back in its efforts to protect against the financial risks posed by climate change, the Government Accountability Office said in a report released today. Read More

March 7, 2019

EPA: Industrial chemical releases increased in 2017

Total industrial chemical releases into the environment increased in 2017, EPA announced today. Read More

March 6, 2019

Regenerative agriculture can make farmers stewards of the land again

The “give back what you take” approach of sustatinability isn’t enough. Read More

March 4, 2019

SC Johnson to launch bottles made entirely from recycled ocean plastics

The consumer goods giant will start selling Windex Vinegar home cleaning products in 100 percent recycled ocean plastic bottles. Read More

February 28, 2019

Environmental group launches supply chain sustainability website

A new website from the Environmental Defense Fund provides a variety of resources for anyone looking to understand how to implement sustainability goals. Read More

February 27, 2019

IBM chemists have found a faster way to recycle plastics, even stuff coated with residue

The technology was born at the company’s research center in California. Read More

February 27, 2019

With clock ticking on 2020 deforestation pledges, 5 ideas for sourcing palm oil sustainably

Time-bound commitments and better ways to monitor suppliers will play a central role Read More

February 27, 2019

Just dye it: how this apparel company is developing water- and chemical-free textile tinting

And taking much-needed steps towards a more circular fashion industry. Read More

February 26, 2019

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