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We believe companies, communities and the environment can thrive in unison—and we’re making it happen by leveraging the power of the marketplace.

Forging solutions that benefit both business and nature

For 25 years, we’ve combined cutting-edge science, economic expertise and unexpected partnerships to help high-impact companies—including Walmart, KKR and FedEx—transform “business as usual” in their products, operations, supply chains and advocacy.

We’re independent: We don’t accept money from the companies we work with, so our vision won’t be muddied. (Or rose-tinted, eithe­r!)

We’re pragmatic: Our work with leading companies takes a realistic approach to setting science-based goals and determining where to focus our efforts to make the biggest beneficial impact on business and the planet.

We’re relentless: We're in each project from start to finish. Unlike other NGOs, EDF+Business sticks around for the “middle miles.” We provide hands-on help to companies to execute against their sustainability goals and report out on the outcomes.

We’re transformative: We work toward tangible, systemic transformation of practices, supply chains and industries by catalyzing business leadership, innovation and collaboration to create a more sustainable world.

We’ve worked with leading brands for over 25 years

Building tools and best practices for replication across organizations, sectors and industries

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